Festival Basket

Festival Basket

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Stumbling across a unique Colorado gourmet gift basket can be like seeing a flash of gold while on a hike. Telluride is blessed with a wide array of terrific festivals, most of which are concentrated in the summer. They include an eclectic mix from Bluegrass, Jazz, Film, Yoga, to Brews and Blues. To enhance your experience at these signature festivals, we have created a series of Festival Baskets.  Whether standing in line, taking a break to walk around town or wandering off on a hike, we want you to be comfortable and have a ready supply of snacks at hand to keep the pangs of hunger at bay

Your basket will include a selection of following items
which will vary depending on the size basket you choose.


  Canvas Tote - Not to worry, we pack our treats and gear
in an easy to carry canvas tote.


Survival Snacks and Treats:

Telluride Truffles Bar with Nuts  - 5.28 oz     Starting with high quality Belgian chocolate from only the highest quality and purest Cacao, this fine artisanal chocolatier then adds a crunchy Nuts. Talk about a flavor burst.  Made in Telluride, Colorado.

High Desert Barista Blend Espresso Beans  6 oz - Who knew what a delicious match Dark Chocolate and Coffee Beans would make? Made in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Ferncreek Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee   5.2 oz -  At Ferncreek they make a luxurious almond toffee.  Designed especially for dark chocolate lovers, their chocolate almond toffee is handmade in the high plains of the Rocky Mountains.  Using exceptional ingredients and small batch technques ensure the excellent flavor.  With every dense, delicious chunk, you'll capture the crunch, savor the crumble and indulge in the rich taste you crave.  Made in Ft. Collins, Colorado

Honest Jackson's Potato Chips 5 oz - Sea Salt & Vinegar - The apple cider vinegar they use combines its sweet apple with the umami of coconut oil and the savory Non GMO potato to produce a subtle, lasting flavor made possible by the low and slow cooking method they invented to produce coconut oil chips.  Never harsh and acidic; these Salt + Vinegar chips are unlike any you've ever tried.  Made in Boulder, Colorado

Uncle Andy's Maple Bourbon Beef Jerky  2 oz - Glazed with sweet Maple Bourbon and smoked over Hickory and inspired by the craft beer industry, Uncle Andy's Jerky utilizes honest ingredients and offers unique & tasty beef jerky flavors.  Made in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Colorado Elk & Game Buffalo Sausage  10 oz - Buffalo is a richly flavored, low fat meat which makes a tasty Summer Sausage.  Colorado Elk & Game Meats has 2,700 acres of pristine mountain pastures in Southwest Colorado.  Their ranch is near Montrose, Colorado.

Creminelli Dry Cured Salami  7 oz - Cristiano was raised in Italy in a family of cured meat artisans which dates back to the 1600's. Feeling restless he moved to the Rocky Mtns., and, lucky for us, has carried on the family tradition. He has won multiple awards. Made in Springville, Utah.

Beehive Cheese Co. Cheddar 6 oz  - When you take a bite of Beehive Cheese, it melts like butter in your mouth lovingly crafted by a family who shares a passion for the artisan way of life. This is a full bodied cheese with a nutty flavor and smooth texture; the rub imparts notes of butterscotch and caramel which are prevalent near the rind, but find their way to the center of the cheese. An award winning cheese three years in a row, made in Utah.

Urbanoven 3 Seed Cracker  8 oz -  A rich and nutty blend of Black and White Sesame, and Golden Flax Seeds with a sprinkling of Salt on top makes these all a Natural Crackers distinctive. Hand made in small batches in Chandler, Arizona.

Justins Almond & Peanut Butter Packets  2 packets - Incredibly delicious, all natural using a secret nut grinding technique. Simply scrumptious. Made in Denver, Colorado.

Froodles Organic Fruit Snacks 3 oz - Fresh Colorado fruit harvested at the peak of flavor, carefully blended using an old family recipe and then dried. Not sticky, very tasty and loved by sports enthusiasts, kids and everyone else. Made in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Olomomo Nut Mixes  4 oz - This selection of Nut Mixes will quickly become a go to snack food. Utterly addictive when eaten alone, they are the perfect treat.  Made in Boulder, Colorado.

Santa Ana Pueblo Parched Corn Snack  8 oz - This roasted, lightly salted, Whole Kernel Corn product is a traditional Native American snack. Originally it was roasted in clay pots over open fireplaces.  Delicious and healthy. Made at Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico.

Colorado Mtn. Munchie Snack Mix  8 oz - A unique blend of Nuts, Spices, and other crunchy, salty and addictive tasting treats.  Who knew eating snack foods could be this much fun.  Made in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Rocky Mtn. Caramel Popcorn  4.5 oz -  Perfectly Popped Kernels smothered in buttery, Caramel goodness.  They don't make this like the "other guys" � their Caramel Popcorn starts out as Brown Sugar in a kettle, just like your grandmother would make it. Addictive!  Made in Centennial, Colorado.

Dutch Brothers Bakery Caramel Cookie Waffles  11 oz -Traditional Dutch "Stroopwafles" Cookies hand baked on flame fired irons with the finest ingredients by two brothers from the Netherlands.  The meld of flavors is to die for. Made in Billings, Montana.


Comfort Essentials & Gear:

Map of Telluride - While there is no known case of anyone wandering around town lost for days at a time, we want to make sure you get to the right venue and into the right line.  It's a little known fact that the phrase "hurry up and wait" was invented in Telluride.  Who knew?

Telluride Baseball Style Hat - Your own personal shade, goes everywhere you do.  An essential item in the bright sun of the Rocky Mtns.

Spudz Soft Microfiber Cleaner for Glasses  - Combines the safe, gentle cleaning power of microfiber with protection and convenience in a small pouch. Great for glasses on a dusty hike.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle -  Non toxic water bottle. Everyone gets thirsty from time to time.

Sportlegs  - When we actively exercise next day "burn" and soreness are a common consequence of overworked muscles. Sportlegs is widely used by professional athletes to substantially lessen this effect. Increasingly being discovered by mere mortals, this stuff really works.

Rocky Mtn. Sunscreen - An essential item for everyone who spends time out in the bright sun of the Rocky Mtns.

SmartShield After Sun Skin Care - Get smart, when too much sun hurts, use this ointment, it has Aloe and Lidocaine for pain relief.

Cool Mint Lip Balm Tube - Oils of Olive, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Castor and Macadamia; Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Vitamin E, Essential Oils of Peppermint and Camphor.  Hand crafted by Tomboy Soap Co. in Telluride, Colorado.

Acli-Mate Natural Sports Drink - 2 packs -  A unique and energizing natural sports drink designed to aid in the prevention of altitude sickness and assist mountain athletes in maximizing performance at elevation. Made up of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and select herbal extracts.  An excellent choice for travelers, all mountain outdoor enthusiasts at any elevation, and athletes.